Saturday, June 14, 2008

Report on Cluster Day#2

Report on the Day:

Present: Cluster Lead Teachers from Balmoral School, Edendale School, Mt Eden Normal School, Maungawhau School and Dominion Rd School
Apologies: Cluster Lead Teachers from Epsom Normal Primary School

Thanks for your patience and good humour today as misadventure ruled OK. We started at Edendale and finished at Mt Eden Normal Primary School. Thanks to both schools for hosting us.

In truth the only technology that proved reliable on the day was Annette’s mimio board and the mobile phone used to send the lunch order to a different school.

Resources from the day:

The “HOT Thinking about Web2.0 applications against Student Learning Outcomes (SOLO)” Resource is viewable at

If you wish to be invited to contribute ideas to the Google doc file of the same name please let me know and I will invite you.

1. Google Docs
How to Google Docs:

2. VoiceThread
How to VoiceThread:

VoiceThread: Within the cluster – Contact Victoria at Balmoral School for advice on setting up VoiceThread in your school – She has set up a 17 page VoiceThread allowing her students to comment on their Identity Art

VoiceThread: Outside the cluster - Check out what 6 year olds can do with HOT maps - Marnie Thomas at Meadowbank Primary School
Sea Cucumber Define Map Voicethread
Octopus Define Map Voicethread
Compare and Contrast Map Voicethread

3. – sign up for this Social bookmarking site and collect resources tagged against your Team planning contexts.
How to

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