Saturday, June 14, 2008

activ@eden Cluster Day #2

Cluster Day #2 was designed to explore using Web2.0 to enhance the conditions of value when student are researchers

Our Cluster Goal Focus:
Goal 3: Increasing the capability of teachers in using ICT to enhance student learning outcomes when students are researchers.

Date: Monday 9 June
Venue: Edendale Primary School
Time: 9.00am to 3pm
Lunch: Provided (please RSVP Lunch Lady Doris to ensure you are included)

1. What has been going on?

2. What are the conditions of value when students are researchers?

3. Just how can Web2.0 enhance these conditions of value?

4. Hands on Web2.0 exploration.
Sharing lead teacher expertise. Peer teaching. Creating exemplars and step through guides for the teachers in your school.

5. Reflection on “Where to next?”
Those Cluster Day #3 School visits - adventure and exploration of your own choice in the morning - regroup over working lunch for a SWOT analysis and presentation creation. Afternoon Sharing the critique on what you saw and what you might usefully implement For ideas on where to visit check out the Effective Practice Register at the ictpd online site at Centre4 . You will need to log onto Centre4 to access these. Access Code is ictpd Step through instructions for joining the community are available on the front page of our activ@eden wiki

6. Everything else ... including ULearn 08

Please be prepared to share/ to learn and to teach others about your favourite Web2.0 applications.

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