Monday, March 3, 2008

activ@eden Cluster Day #1

activ@eden Lead teachers and AP's from across the six cluster schools met on Monday 3 March to launch the first Cluster Day for 2008.

Edendale School provided their computer suite and music suite to host us for the day and Lunch Lady Doris organised morning tea and lunch.


1 Welcome and introductions
2. Cluster contract and Lead Teacher responsibilities
3. Cluster Key Questions
4. Learning@School08 - SWOT Reports from cluster lead teachers who attended and cluster facilitators Pam and Julie
5. Students as Researchers – Four Key Understandings

6. Language of Instruction – Visual mapping and self assessment rubrics
7. Authoring the activ@eden blog -
8. Contributing to the activ@eden wiki
9. Booking F2F Dates and Google calendar
10. Email contact list
11. Anything else

This was a buzzy day where we welcomed nine new lead teachers to the cluster and caught up with old friends from 2007.

In the morning, after reporting on our new learning from the Learning@School 08 conference, we concentrated on the key question:

What are the conditions of value in teaching and learning when students are researchers?

The focus was on the Structured Overview of Learning Outcomes (SOLO Taxonomy) and the HOT Visual mapping and Common language as a framework for this thinking.

In the afternoon we looked at

How can ICTs enahnce the conditions of value in teaching and learning when building a cluster learning community using wikis and blogs?

Lead teachers started editing their individual school pages on the wiki and adding their reflections on Learning@School 08.

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