Monday, February 25, 2008

activ@eden Principals Day #1

Cluster principals met at Mt Eden Normal Primary School today to talk about the SWOT of their Learning@School 08 experience and what might be usefully implemented in our cluster schools as a result. Minutes from the meeting will be stored on the cluster wiki and distributed by email.

2.Learning at School 08 –
SWOT Reports from Principals (Linley, Malcolm, Marian, Rosemary)
SWOT Reports from Director/facilitators (Pam, Julie)
3.Lead Teacher Teams and contacts
4.Finalise dates and facilitators for F2F visits (Refer attachment)
5.Joining the ict_pd Online Community on Centre4 (Refer email)
6.Access to the audio conferencing bridge (Refer email)
7.Authoring the activ@eden Cluster Blog
8.Contributing to the activ@eden Cluster Wiki
9.Everything else

The "Everything else" bit discussion was enriched by a lively diversion into the launch of the Kiwi Leadership for Principals initiative by the Minister for Education Chris Carter
The term "Kiwi leadership" is used in this draft to describe an approach to school principalship that is unique to New Zealand. At the heart of the Kiwi leadership work is a clear focus on how we can work together to improve educational outcomes for all our young people.

The MoE's Draft document - Kiwi Leadership for Principals was shared with the group.

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